Airtable Windows
By Formagrid Inc
For Select Individuals and Groups

Airtable is an integrated relational database spreadsheet solution for databases, marketing, and real-time data use cases.


LSU Faculty and Staff can request access to Airtable for users within LSU either as an Editor or Viewer. Editors come at cost, however a Viewer role is free.

Please use the following form for requesting a new Airtable Editor or Viewer: Airtable LSU Service Request - Add/Remove Users


If you are having trouble with Airtable or have questions, please see the following GROK article for assistance: Airtable: LSU Overview 

Tableau Windows
By Tableau Software, LLC
For Select Individuals and Groups

The Creator license is designed for users who create content. This can include the design, cleaning, and curation of data sources, which others will use to analyze governed data, or the creation of visualizations and dashboards with which other users will interact. It also includes designing governance and permissions models that control which information users may find.

To purchase Tableau (only faculty/staff may send a request) please see the following link: LSU IT Service Catalog: Tableau category