By Onset Computer Corporation
For Select Individuals and Groups
The intended purpose of this software is to be able to graphically examine the data collected from two HOBOware probes to examine water level and conductivity. It allows us to manipulate the data collected every 15 to 30 minutes that is collected continuously from the probe when it is deployed. PC & Mac Download via vendor.
MACCS Windows
By Sandia National Laboratory and Nuclear Regulatory Commission
For Select Individuals and Groups
MACCS is the computational code to simulate radioactivity transport and the effects on humans and the environment. This code was developed by the Sandia National Laboratory according to the request of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
By ReefMaster Software Ltd.
For Select Individuals and Groups
This software will be used to process sidescan sonar (sl3) data for a funded project through the CCA of Louisiana. ReefMaster software takes raw sonar data and processes it to produce a usable map/image of bottom structure. We will be using this software to produce images of a recently deployed artificial reef and map its structure location.