Microsoft Home Use Program for Employees
Microsoft Home Use Program for Employees
Provided by Microsoft
For Faculty, Staff

The Microsoft Office Home Use program is for those employees who wish to use their LSU license of Office for personal use. It requires a small, one-time payment.

LSU employees currently have the right under the campus agreement to download and install Microsoft Office Enterprise on their personal machines for work purposes.

Under the LSU Microsoft Campus Agreement, Operating systems are upgrades only to a previously purchased operating system, which means that a computer should be bought along with a Microsoft operating system in order to use operating systems available under this campus agreement. However, applications like Office Suite or OneNote need not be purchased with the computer and can be installed at any time after the purchase.

Products covered under the campus agreement may be installed on LSU owned machines, but may also be installed on one machine at home. After leaving LSU, faculty, staff and students must uninstall their copy of the software, and will be ineligible to receive future upgrades.However, students who graduate are eligible to keep their copy, please contact ITS for more information..

Published on 4/19/2017