Adobe Creative Cloud - Named User License
By Adobe
For Faculty, Staff, TSPs

This version of Adobe is for Faculty and Staff Only, assuming they have also been preauthorized to access it.
If you are a student, please see the following Adobe FAQ to determine eligibility: Adobe CC: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Named User Licenses?

According to the licensing terms of LSU A&M's ETLA, the following categories of employees are eligible for Named User Licenses:

  1. All employees identified as an active Faculty employee (Full-time or Part-time)
  2. All employees identified as an active Academic employee (Full-time or Part-time)
  3. All employees identified as an active Staff employee (Full-time or Part-time). This includes Professional/Unclassified and Classified staff members. There are certain staff members that may not be licensed in specific departments, and we will be reaching out to those departments regarding impacted staff prior to Staff licensing.

Similarly, the following users are not eligible for Named User Licenses:

  1. Any employee identified as Transient, Wages as Earned and Gratis.
  2. Any students and student employees (including Graduate student employees).
  3. Any guest or affiliate user, e.g, Sponsored Guests.

For more information about Adobe Creative Cloud, please check the FAQ: https://grok.lsu.edu/Article.aspx?articleid=20279

Adobe Creative Cloud - Shared Device License
By Adobe
For Adobe Admins

These files are to be installed on LSU owned multi-user machines, e.g., Computer Labs, Departmental shared workstations for student workers, etc.

These are not for use on personal machines.

**There will be limitations on where these licenses can be installed and utilized to ensure compliance with licensing terms. For more information, contact your IT Supervisor or security@lsu.edu.

For Select Individuals and Groups
The ATD Publications ebooks (pdf download) from td.org are a resource for course content and module information. For more books, visit ATD Publications Search
Echo360 TurningPoint
By Echo360
For Faculty, Staff

TurningPoint is the ultimate audience response system. With TurningPoint, your PowerPoint presentations become powerful data collection and assessments that collect real-time responses from participants..

For additional information about this software, see this GROK article: TurningPoint: LSU Overview

To download, please go to the TurningPoint Download page on the provider's website.

Note: There has been a recent acquisition of TurningPoint by Echo360; documentation will be updated when it is available from the new provider.

EndNote Windows, Mac
By Clarivate Analytics
For Students, Faculty, Staff

EndNote gives you the tools you need for searching, organizing and sharing your research. It allows you to easily create bibliographies while writing papers, and includes features like finding full text for your references and automatically updating records. It also has syncing capabilities which let you access all of your references, attachments, and groups from anywhere.

For additional information, please refer to: EndNote: LSU Overview.


LSU faculty, staff and students eligible.

Faculty and staff members must be employed according to criteria defined by the LSU Department of Human Resource Management.

If an employee experiences a barrier due to a disability, please contact your supervisor.  If a student experiences a barrier due to a disability, please contact Disability Services.

Microsoft Office 365
By Microsoft
For Students, Faculty, Staff

To download and install Microsoft Office to your machine please refer to: Office365 ProPlus: LSU Overview.

Office 365 is a productivity suite made available through Microsoft. It includes products such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and many more.

Please see the article below for more information on how to acquire Office: