OnTheHub Student Software Discounts
OnTheHub Student Software Discounts
Provided by Kivuto
For Students

OnTheHub offers discounted pricing for a number of other software items. Software discounts include certain Adobe products, Minitab, SPSS, LabView, S-Plus, Auguri Academic, iGrafx, Babylon 7, Inspiration, InspireData, Kermit, Entryware, and SigmaFlow.

Microsoft and VMWare products are no longer offered through OnTheHub. For instructions on how to receive these products, please see the following links:

Parallels is no longer offered through OnTheHub. If you are faculty/staff and need Parallels, please reach out to your departmental IT group or business office to make a request. If you are a student, please use the following form to request access: https://verify.sheerid.com/parallels-student/

Published on 5/30/2024