ESRI Business Analyst Desktop
Windows, Mac, Linux
ESRI Business Analyst Desktop
Provided by ESRI
For Select Individuals and Groups

Esri Business Analyst Desktop software combines GIS analysis and visualization capabilities with an extensive data package so you can gain a better understanding and timely information about your market, your customers, and your competition. Organizations use Business Analyst Desktop to improve decisions about consolidations or expansions, determine the effect of changes in consumer behavior on existing business models, and to explore opportunities driven by economic factors and changes in market place.

LSU Faculty and Staff may download and install ESRI products on institutional machines. Students may use ArcGIS Desktop in the public access labs and through VLAB.

If you are a faculty member and would like your students to have ArcGIS Desktop available on their personal computers, you may request 1 year student licenses at www.esri.com/slpromo.  These are desktop licenses that students can install on their personal computers to do coursework.  These are offered free of charge for site licenses.   These licenses are just for desktop and extensions and do not include a license for Pro or ArcGIS Online. 

Published on 6/12/2020